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API-Delta Donates $25,000 to St. Bernard Public Schools

ASM/NACE Science Camp - Teachers June 22-26 2009 at UNO

Day of Reflection Breakfast held at Chalmette High School

Oil and Natural Gas Exploration Education

Carville Job Corps Center Update

Carville Job Corps Academy Teams with API

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FETCH! - Super Saurus Saturday 4/18/2015

FETCH! - Super Saurus Saturday - 4/18/2015
Louisiana Children's Museum - 430 Julia Street - CBD
From 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM


Shifts: 11AM-1PM & 1PM-3PM
Contact Tom Bergeon @ 504-832-3772

Earth Science Activities for Elementary Classrooms 2016

Earth Science Activities for Elementary Classrooms

July 25, 2016 Tulane Campus


Teachers who attend this session will be able to reserve the Playing with Petroleum Kit for a period up to 10 days for their classroom use by attending a this workshop.  The Playing with Petroleum Kit is a FREE traveling classroom exhibit that brings hydrocarbon-based energy education to your students in a multidisciplinary format. Curriculum in the kit is correlated to State and National Standards.

Playing with Petroleum Kit Objectives:

Describe how sediments are formed and their importance

Describe how microfossils are important to geologists

Describe the importance of petroleum in our daily lives and objects made from petroleum

Identify how petroleum is formed and what organisms become petroleum

Understand the commitment of the oil industry in protecting the environment

Workshop at no cost to teachers in the Greater New Orleans Region.

Sessions will be held at Tulane. FREE parking in the Loyola parking garage has been arranged.  andrea.walker@gnostem.org for information

Earth Science Activities for Elementary Classrooms 2017

Earth Science Activities for Elementary/Middle Classrooms July 13, 2017

Teachers will receive earth science activities from the Knowledge Box Curriculum which is correlated to new State and National Standards. Sample activities include those designed to encourage problem solving; math integration, unit conversions, and inquiry. Activity topics will include: natural resources, rock layers, drilling, rock cycle, cycling of earth materials, geologic events, and more.

Core Element Summer STEM workshops are no cost to teachers in the Greater New Orleans Region. Please email andrea.walker@gnostem.org for information. Participants must sign up for individual workshop sessions. This is the Register at:

2017 Core Element Summer STEM Institute