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Carville Job Corps Center Update

As many of you know, the Carville Job Corps Academy is run by MINACT Incorporated (www.minact.com). MINACT's contract to operate the center came up for renewal last month. A few weeks ago, the Department of Labor informed MINACT that MINACT had not been awarded the contract to continue to operate the center. Dynamic Education Systems, Incorporated was awarded the contract and was scheduled to take over on February 1. MINACT has subsequently protested the award and won a 100‐day stay. While all of the reasons for such a decision are not exactly clear, operational performance did not influence the decision. As it stands right now, MINACT will run the center until April 30. API has been informed that any management change would prompt the dismissal of current management, but approximately 70 percent of the staff would remain-only after reapplying for their current position.

DOL has informed API that the Oilfield Training Program, as a signature trade, will remain at the center regardless of the company operating the center. API's support for John Taylor to remain as instructor and program coordinator will not waver in 2009. John's knowledge, work ethic, vision, and ability to relate with these young men and women have been invaluable to the success of the program.

Next Meeting

The next advisory council meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 11 between 10:30am and 2pm at the center. I will distribute an agenda shortly. Please RSVP for the meeting by Friday, January 23.

Promoting the Program

General Membership has decided to purchase a 6 Month Vertical Banner Ad on Rig Zone's website that will run under the Jobs tab below the fold at http://www.rigzone.com/jobs/. This campaign would begin the week of January 19. Viewers would click on the banner that would read "Skip the training. Hire your oilfield workers through the API‐sponsored Oilfield Training program." They would then be directed to the industry careers section of the API website (http://www.api.org/aboutapi/careers/oilfieldtraining.cfm) where they could learn more about the program and contact people/information. Regrettably, the Carville Job Corps website will not spark sufficient interest in the program (http://carville.jobcorps.gov/).


The program needs company coveralls in sizes from 44 Regular/Tall to 54 Regular/Tall, an SCBA for respirator training, some drill bits for exhibits (these could be old tradeshow exhibits), a drift or rabbit for exhibit and some drill pipe subs for exhibit. Please contact John Taylor at taylor.john@jobcorps.org or (225) 642‐3015.