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API-Delta Donates $25,000 to St. Bernard Public Schools

API Delta Chapter provides $25,000 to St. Bernard Parish Schools

It was our pleasure to attend the St. Bernard Parish School Board meeting in August and present them with $25,000 to fully supply 3 new freshmen science labs.  The school board members directed us to convey their great appreciation to our other board members, our tireless volunteers, and our entire industry membership.  According to Beverly Lawrason, assistant superintendent, "finally, after 3 years of reconstruction, the 2008 school year is off to a much more normal beginning".  I am sure that we are all grateful that Hurricanes Gustav and Ike did not disrupt their hard work and personal sacrifices.

Saint Bernard Award 2008

On a personal note, it is always inspiring to see people help themselves and their community overcome great adversity.  However, it was especially inspiring that evening to hear at their meeting that the St. Bernard Parish School Board was raising money to help the Iowa flood victims.  After having lost so much and worked so hard, they still recognized the needs of others and emphasized helping those recently devastated by another natural disaster.  It was a great moment for us.  It confirmed that our efforts were directed to a worthy group and a worthy cause.

The API Delta Chapter was established over 25 years ago to help our local industry and community in any practical way we can.  Our primary goal is to support education efforts in the metropolitan area since they are key to the area's long term health and success.