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Petroleum Industry Promoting Education (PIPE)

What is PIPE?

...a collaborative effort among the petroleum industry societies, corporations and the education community. A sub-committee, whereby societies and corporations pool their efforts and inform the teachers and schools about the resources available within the industry to help with education, in particular, energy education. Resources include the various scholarships and grants offered by organizations, various awards such as those given at GNOSEF, as well as educational materials such as DandD activity books, SPE's magic suitcase, NOGS fossils and rock collection, etc.

Industry Educational Tools / Scholarships / Grants / Awards

This list is provided to the educators in the surrounding parishes so they can request the educational tools from various organizations and be aware of scholarships, grants, awards and the sponsoring of various educational events.

American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) in conjunction with the Offshore Energy Center sponsors the Knowledge Box Education Outreach Exhibit and Program which includes the "Project Expanding Energy Education (PE3) Teacher's Guide" specifically targeting K-12 grade students with an energy related curriculum. Website: www.aade.org

American Petroleum Institute (API) National Chapter has created a new resource, "Classroom Energy", for educators and students which explore the topic of energy. By visiting their website: www.classroom-energy.org you can get background information, classroom activities, interactive tours and links to a variety of energy education resources.
This organization offers Scholarships, Mini-Grants, and Teacher Awards and helps support the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair (GNOSEF). It also provides monetary awards to the school, teacher and student for first, second and third placement in the Energy Category of the GNOSEF.Refer to website: api-delta.org/education.asp.

Council of American Petroleum Account ants Societies (COPAS) has some high level guidance and interpretations for industry accountants to use to educate themselves at the website: www.copas.org - It is entitled: "Accredited Petroleum Accountant Program". They also have a Training and Reference product listing.
Note: COPAS offers scholarships at website: Copasnola.org/committees_scholarship.php.

Desk and Derrick (DandD) has: "Bit of Fun" Energy Activity Book with characters (PetroMolly and PetroMack) that explain how hydrocarbons and their byproducts are used to make modern products we use every day.

ADDC authors Bit of Fun Energy Activity Book, an activity and coloring book designed to promote education about the Oil and Gas Industry. The book is available in the U.S. Imperial version and the Canadian Metric version. A Spanish version will soon be available.

ADDC sponsors educational books from the University of Texas at Austin Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX). Website: www.addc.org.

They also have instructional gimmicks ("Are you as smart as a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader?") that they take to classrooms.
The ADDC Education Trust Scholarship fund issues full and part-time scholarships. You can retrieve all info from the following website: http://www.addc.org/about-addc/educational-foundations/

The Desk and Derrick Club of the Westbank offers scholarships at website: www.westbankdandd.org

Harvey Industrial Canal Association (HCIA) offers scholarships. Refer to website: www.harveycanal.org.

Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) offers educational awards and grants. Refer to website: www.ipaa.org/education/.

New Orleans Geological Society (NOGS) Outreach has a rock, minerals and fossils collection, as well as slide shows and other presentations, headed by School Outreach Committee Chairperson Tom Bergeon at Century Exploration who has control over the collection. Email: tom.bergeon@centuryx.com
This organization offers Scholarships, and helps support the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair (GNOSEF). It also provides awards for the GNOSEF.

Professional Landmen's Association of New Orleans (PLANO) has a program called: STAIR (Start the Adventure in Reading) - is a non-profit literacy program to improve reading skills and self-esteem of lower elementary students at website: www.planoweb.org/community-projects.asp

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has a magic suitcase designed to have a presenter guide the students through demonstrations. Also, "Learn about Energy" resources at different age levels (kids, students to age 14, students' ages 14 and higher)- "Games/Just for Kids" (including coloring pages/books) and interesting articles (i.e. nuclear energy, alternative energy sources, petroleum careers, teacher resources, etc.) can be found on the website: www.energy4me.org Also check out national chapter website at www.spe.org.
This organization offers Scholarships, Mini-Grants and helps support the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair (GNOSEF). It also provides monetary awards to the school, teacher and student for junior division first, second and third placement in the Energy Category of the GNOSEF. Website: www.spe-delta.org

Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES). The SIPES Foundation, a charitable and educational organization, awards annual earth science scholarships and conducts educational seminars , maintains an extensive earth science video film library, with films of technical programs presented at seminars. Refer to website: www.sipes.org/found.htm.

Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) offers grants and scholarships.
Refer to website: www.spwla.org.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has an "Electronic Circuits, Switches and Sensors kit ("Versikit VS-1") that is both fun and educational at the website: www.geniuselectronics.net. The kits have been a popular part of the Junior Girl Scout engineering badge program (the Making it Matter badge), the Expanding Your Horizons program (4th ~ 8th grade) and in the Microsoft DigiGirlz program for high school age children. Instructor's Manual and images are shown.
The SWE offers scholarships at website: www.swe.org.

Southeastern Geophysical Society (SGS) offers scholarships.
Refer to website: www.sgs-neworleans.org/.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has Kids' Page with:

  • "How Many Does It Take? Energy source types
  • "Watts it to you"? Role playing exploring ways to make energy self-sufficient through inquiry, cooperative problems-solving and negotiation.
  • "Tidepool Math" Math applications while learning about the environment through, exploration.
  • "Ocean Energy" Energy resources located in, over and under the ocean
  • "The Ocean's Sand, A Natural Resource"
  • "Learn Along With Energy Ant About Different Types of Energy"
  • "Saving Energy at Home"
  • "We Put Energy Into Education". Great information for teachers and kids
  • "Historic Shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico" and a Teacher's Resource
  • "Did You Know?" Find out what seawater is made of.
  • Information on Available Education Material - posters, teacher's companions, classroom activities and lesson plans.
  • The above can be found on website: www.boemre.gov/mmskids/.
    The BOEM sponsors computers for learning, teaching materials and resources suitable for classroom activity and discussion and Posters and Teacher's Companions. Refer to website: http://www.gomr.boemre.gov/homepg/lagniapp/lagniapp.html

TOTAL has put together a very good energy site at the website: www.planete-energies.com/site/en/homepage.html. Although the narration is in a "British" form of English and some of the terminology is different from what we are used to, it has great animation and is a lot of fun.

PIPE Sponsoring Societies/Companies


Petroleum Industry Promoting Education (PIPE)

American Petroleum Institute (API) - Delta Chapter

Baker Hughes

Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies of New Orleans (COPAS)

Desk and Derrick Clubs (DandD)

New Orleans Geological Society (NOGS)

The OCSBBS Website


Shell Exploration and Production Company

Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES)

Society of Petroleum Engineers - Delta Section (SPE)

Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)

Offshore Oil Scouts Association (OOSA)

Professional Landmen's Association of New Orleans (PLANO)

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