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Rebuilding our city by teaching our children..


Students growing up in low-income communities are 7 times less likely to attend college than students growing up in middle and high-income communities.[i][i]

Between kindergarten and high school graduation, the average public school student will spend 187 days - more than one full school year - with substitute teachers.[ii][ii]

Teachers have the biggest impact on student achievement.[iii][iii]


teachNOLA seeks the nation's most outstanding certified teachers as well as recent college graduates and mid- and post-career professionals to make a difference by teaching in public schools in New Orleans. This highly-selective initiative recruits the most talented individuals to drive the city's rebirth by boosting academic achievement for all students.

This is a critical time for New Orleans and a potential watershed moment for public education in the United States. The reconfiguration of the city's schools following Hurricane Katrina provides a historic opportunity to transform one of the nation's lowest performing school systems. That transformation will not be possible, however, without a group of accomplished, goal-oriented teachers.

teachNOLA teachers will use their experience, knowledge, and records of achievement to improve the lives of the city's neediest students. They will become part of a powerful network of education leaders working to build a model for urban education reform.


Socially conscious professionals, recent college graduates, and certified teachers are encouraged to apply. We are particularly interested in outstanding candidates in science, math, special education, early childhood education, French, and Spanish.

All candidates will benefit from a quick, streamlined, and personalized application and selection process as well as placement assistance.


If selected, candidates who want to become certified will participate in a comprehensive Training Institute prior to teaching. These teachNOLA Fellows also earn a teaching certificate through a local credentialing program while receiving a full-time teacher's salary.

The task of rebuilding our city - and our schools - is monumental, and it will not be easy. We are calling on you to take up this challenge to improve academic outcomes for all of our children.

For more information or to apply, please visit www.teachNOLA.org.

Contact our office with any questions by emailing info@teachnola.org or calling504-274-3605.

The final application deadline is Monday, March 3, 2008.


Be your own force of nature. Become a teacher in New Orleans.

Apply today.


teachNOLA was created through a partnership of the Recovery School District of New Orleans, New Schools for New Orleans, and The New Teacher Project.

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