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2016 Technical Luncheon

August 23, 2016
Technical Meeting
Chevron Jack / St. Malo Project

Speaker - Travis Flowers Asset Manager, Chevron

Holiday Inn Downtown New Orleans, LA


This discussion will cover early performance learnings on one of the newest deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico. The Jack and St. Malo fields are examples of deepwater low permeability Wilcox developments that have overcome technology challenges to unlock significant in-place oil volumes. 280 miles south of New Orleans, at 30,000' total depth beneath 7,000' of water lies more than 1,000' of high pressure, low permeability oil pay across two sizable structures. The technologies and innovation deployed across all disciplines has established strong early life performance; with still a long journey up the learning curve and through 30 years of asset life to deliver expected recoveries. The discussion will touch upon background and design basis of the project including subsurface, facilities, D&C and Production Operations. It will then cover early life performance of the assets, upcoming milestones, best practices and lessons learned across multiple disciplines. Some of the technologies discussed will include well completions, subsea multiphase meters, subsea sampling capability, subsea boost pumps, assurance, topsides reliability, and reservoir surveillance & analysis techniques.

Travis Flowers is an Asset Manager for the Jack / St. Malo fields at Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company at the Gulf of Mexico Business Unit located in Covington, Louisiana. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1998. He began his career with ARCO Alaska on the North Slope as a Facility Engineer in the Prudhoe Bay Field. After two years, and upon the BP-ARCO takeover in 2000, he moved to Midland and was converted to a production engineer working Texaco and ChevronTexaco's Delaware Basin assets.

In 2005 he began a rotational assignment to Malongo, Angola as Production Engineering Team Lead for Chevron operated offshore Angola assets. After 4 years in Malongo, he moved with his family to Sumatra, Indonesia in 2009 as Asset Team Leader for light oil fields of Central Sumatra and later the Duri Heavy Oil Steamwood. More recently, in 2014, he received the honor of leading the newly formed Jack/St. Malo Asset Team, located in Covington... to help steward the early life of these new assets that you will get a chance to hear more about today. His wife, Tina, also a Mines graduate and former Chevron production engineer and their two children, Ashley and Gavin, are enjoying all of the culture, climate and cuisine that Louisiana has to offer.