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2008 Technical Luncheon

"2008 Technical Luncheon

The API Technical Luncheon was held on August 19th, despite the torrential rains that day, at the Le Pavillon Hotel with Mr. Allen Brooks as the guest speaker. His speech, "Dynamics of the Energy Market - Up, Down or Sideways" was very enlightening since we've seen the highest oil prices ever over the last year at $140 per barrel and presently near the $100 range. Mr. Brooks is Managing Director with Parks Paton Hoepfl and Brown out of Houston and has been involved with or followed the oil field since 1971. The discussion covered the effects of politics, supply and demand, and fuel alternatives on product prices. It also addressed the challenges the oil industry faces here and around the world. If you want to read more from Mr. Brooks, go on line to www.offshoresource.com and read his "Musing from the Oil Patch" newsletter. We thank him and appreciate his coming to New Orleans to give his presentation.

Representatives of the Carville Job Corps Academy (CJCA) also attended the meeting and briefly discussed the U.S. government facility near Baton Rouge which provides vocational training, including an API roustabout training program (150 hours) that offers OSHA certification. CJCA is the only job corps center in the country to offer this program. If you know 16-24 year olds that might be interested or you need entry level workers with such training, please visit the website athttp://carville.jobcorps.gov. John Taylor III is the instructor. He and retired General Richard Averitt attended the meeting and answered questions about the program. Phone: (225) 642-0699.

API Delta Chapter would like to thank all of its members and guests for braving the storm and coming to the luncheon. Your support is important to us. If you have suggestions for speakers or topics, please contact Barbara Edmonds at 504-799-1906. Mark your calendars and make reservations early for our next luncheon, the 11th Annual Joint Society Luncheon, on November 18th at the Royal Sonesta.