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Family Fun Eat and Run 2016 - To Support Area Children’s Museums

Sunday, May 15, 2016
Race Starts at 8:30 AM

Funds will help provide new exhibits at LCM and CMST.

Please support by:

Food and Beverage Sponsor
We want to provide some incredible food for our runners. Email rickf@llog.com to sign up.

Cash Sponsor:

Title Sponsor: $1000 - Leading name on flyers, posters, and T-Shirt (prior to April 20),
Recognition at Event, and Opportunity to Address the Audience.
Apply Online

Gold Sponsor: $500 - Name on flyers, posters, and T-shirt (prior to April 20)
Apply Online

Silver Sponsor: $250 - Recogonition at Event
Apply Online

Sponsors may designate their donations to benefit a particular children's museum or be distributed
among all three. Sponsors sign up on line at http://spe-delta.org/

Encourage Registration at your Company: http://nolarunning.com/

For any questions, please contact Rick Fowler at rickf@llog.com

PIPE (Petroleum Industry Promoting Education) is a collaborative effort among the petroleum industry
societies to advance educational efforts in South Louisiana.