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Distinguished Recipients - - Past Meritorious Winners

When API Delta Chapter considers a deserving candidate of the Meritorious Service Award, we seek to find an individual who has distinguished himself both in professional life and in the community through involvement and charitable giving.

The year listed below represents the year of service for which they are recognized. The award is presented the following year at an Awards Luncheon.

2018: Catherine McRae and Charles Miller III
2017: Bernadette Alaniz
2016: Rick Fowler
2015: Tom Bergeon
2014: James R. Moffett and Peggy Bourgeois
2013: John Dribus
2012: Eric Zimmermann and Rick Farmer
2011: Joe Leimkuhler and Matt Wandstrat
2010: Bob Vaughn and Josh Etkind
2009: Charlie Speed and Art Johnson
2008: Jan M. Catalano and Lisa D. Ingraham
2007: Michael Fein and Duncan Goldthwaite
2006: Benjamin J. Waring and A. T. Green
2005:  Dean McPhearson and Richard Bachmann
2004: Stephen O. Sears and Carroll Wilson Suggs
2003: Harold Anderson and Scott Sewell
2002: Alden J. Laborde and Tracy W. Krohn
2001: Thomas H. Philpott and D.T. "Dave" Lawrence
2000: Robert L. "Bob" Freeman and Edward B. "Ed" Picou, Jr.
1999: John A. Melton and Andrew R. Thomas
1998: Bill Linder and Dave Welch
1997: Pat Taylor and Jim Funk
1996: Jim Rike and Gerry Authement
1995: Johnson "Bubba" Hale