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10th Annual GNO Joint Industry Association Luncheon


Ken Meyers remarks for the 10th Annual GNO Joint Energy Industry Association Luncheon

The 10th Annual GNO Joint Energy Industry Association Luncheon was held in conjunction with PLANO on Tuesday, November 13th at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. This year's speaker was Clancy DuBos, a well known local journalist and political reporter. Mr. DuBos is also the chairman, co-owner, and editor of Gambit Communications, Inc.

This year's event was a huge success. The attendance was one of our best, over 200 attendees from 18 of the local energy industry associations. Mr. DuBos entertained and enlightened the crowd regarding "Louisiana's Changing Political Landscape" by reviewing the recent primary election results, discussing the runoff races not yet determined, and sharing his unique insights into the past 30 years of Louisiana politics. The audience eagerly asked questions regarding our area's colorful current events such as Eddie Jordan's decision to resign as District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Edwin Edwards campaign to get released from prison due to his age, the likely outcome for Congressman William Jefferson, and many more too numerous to mention here. It was a great summary of our unique political history and the characters who have shaped us for good and bad over the past several decades.

Thanks to everyone for making this event a strong finish to our 2007 luncheon program. My personal thanks go to Barbara Edmonds our API secretary, Margo Cameron the PLANO secretary, and the PLANO organization who delivered the talented and entertaining speaker, Mr. DuBos. My thanks also goes to those in the 18 societies who got the word out and the attendance up for our event. They certainly upheld the theme of our joint society meeting, teamwork. Together we can accomplish great things for our industry and for our community.

Ken Meyers