Distinguished Recipients - - Past Meritorious Winners

2015: James R. Moffett and Peggy Bourgeois
2014: John Dribus
2013: Eric Zimmermann and Rick Farmer
2012: Joe Leimkuhler and Matt Wandstrat
2011: Bob Vaughn and Josh Etkind
2010: Charlie Speed and Art Johnson
2009: Jan M. Catalano and Lisa D. Ingraham
2008: Michael Fein and Duncan Goldthwaite
2007: Benjamin J. Waring and A. T. Green
2006:  Dean McPhearson and Richard Bachmann
2005: Stephen O. Sears and Carroll Wilson Suggs
2004: Harold Anderson and Scott Sewell
2005: Alden J. Laborde and Tracy W. Krohn
2002: Thomas H. Philpott and D.T. "Dave" Lawrence
2001: Robert L. "Bob" Freeman and Edward B. "Ed" Picou, Jr.
2000: John A. Melton and Andrew R. Thomas
1999: Bill Linder and Dave Welch
1990: Pat Taylor and Jim Funk
1998: Jim Rike and Gerry Authement
1996: Johnson "Bubba" Hale