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FIRST Robotics Competition 2016

2016 Stronghold FIRST Robotics Competition
March 18th and 19th, 2016 at the Pontchartrain Center

March 17-19 the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner turned into capsule for energy and competition. The 2016 FIRST Bayou Regional competition was held creating an awesome experience for 56 FRC student teams and all of their mentors, coaches, families and guests.

Some local achievements include:

  • Regional Chairman's Award #2080 Hammond High School
  • The Team Spirit Award was presented to #1912 Team Combustion from Northshore High School & Salmen High School
  • Regional Winners included team # 4087 Benjamin Franklin High School

API Delta area schools competing were:

  • 1912 Team Combustion; Northshore HS and Salmen HS
  • 1920 McMain Hurricanes; McMain HS
  • 2080 Tobotics; Hammond HS
  • 2083 Tigerbots; Hahnville HS
  • 2221 FHS Robodawgs; Fountainebleau HS
  • 2992 SS Prometheus; Mandeville HS
  • 3039 Wildcat Robotics; Destrehan HS
  • 3946 Tiger Robotics; Slidell HS
  • 4087 Falcon Robotics; Ben Franklin HS
  • 4316 Torbotics; Central Lafourche
  • 4805 Robotic Warriors; Sophie B Wright
  • 5168 Guardian Angels; Warren Easton HS
  • 5325 Hurricanes; Higgins HS
  • 5965 Power Struck Girls; Academy of Our Lady (Rookie Team for 2016)
  • 5971 Raider Robotics; Rummel HS (Rookie Team for 2016)

FRC Bayou Regional Fontainebleau FRC Bayou Regional Franklin FRC Bayou Regional Mc Main

Photos attached by Joe Scorsone

The Quest

Robots operate independently for first 15 seconds of the Quest.

- Alliances score points by:

  • Reaching opponents defenses
  • Crossing defenses
  • Scoring boulders through goals in the opposing tower

Human drivers take control for the final 2 minutes and 15 seconds controlling their robot to:

  • Defend their castle
  • Retrieve boulders
  • Defeat defenses
  • Score goals from the opponents' courtyard in tower
  • Capture and scale the opponent's tower

The Outer Works (outermost line of fortification)

Eight defensive options (over 18,000 possible field configurations)

  • One permanent (the low bar)
  • One chosen periodically by the audience
  • Three selected by Alliances just before each Quest begins

Once the Quest begins

  • Illuminated lights on each defense reduce when an opposing robot fully crosses it for first time
  • These lights go dark after the defense has been crossed a second time, signaling it's considered damaged
  • Once any four of the five defenses are damaged, the fortifications are considered breached and the charging Alliance is rewarded with points

The Tower

Openings in the tower are available for robots to score boulders

  • Scoring boulders reduces a tower's strength as indicated by decreasing tower lights
  • The tower's flag will drop when enough boulders are scored and then the tower can be captured at the end of the Quest

The Capture

  • During last 20 seconds of the Quest, robots may surround and scale the tower to capture it
  • When capture is successful, their flag is raised on the opposing tower and even more points are earned

The Alliance with the highest score at the end of the Quest wins!