JOB DESCRIPTION: There are a wide variety of jobs performed by different kinds of engineers in the oil industry. Engineers help solve the problems associated with drilling wells for both oil and natural gas, they analyze the characteristics of oil and gas reservoirs to determine how best to get the oil or gas to the surface, they design and build the facilities needed to produce and store oil and gas on the surface, they design and the equipment and facilities needed to process and refine oil and gas into products used by consumers, they design and pipelines and other transportation facilities to move both raw and finished products, they analyze processes, problem areas, economic data, etc., and make recommendations to improve operations, quality, safety, profits, and other objectives of interest to their companies and the public. Engineers apply both their technical and managerial skills to almost every phase of the oil industry.
EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Generally a Bachelor's Degree in an engineering discipline is required. While the oil industry tends to recruit more petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers than graduates in other engineering disciplines, interested students should check with the Placement Office at the college or university they choose to attend to determine what disciplines are recruited most heavily.
ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Engineers can generally advance one of two ways - either as a technical specialist moving to progressively more challenging assignments or as a supervisor up through the ranks of management. Job performance and personal preference determine which route an individual takes and how far they go.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Opportunities also exist for Master's Degree and PhD holders in engineering disciples. Frequently, work experience in some phase of the oil industry during the summers between school years if preferred. A strong interest in and orientation toward math and science is desirable.
WHERE TO APPLY: Numerous major and independent oil companies.


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