Administrative Trainee

JOB DESCRIPTION: Administrative work consists of a variety of office procedure associated with the drilling and producing of oil and gas wells, such as economic appraisals, drilling contracts, requisitioning of material, general correspondence, interpretation of regulations, preparation of various company and government reports, and cost analyses.

Computer programming assignments are often handled by administrative personnel whose aptitude, desire, and background qualify them for such work. These employees will work in the control system programming area whereby oil wells, tank batteries, and automatic custody transfer units are controlled by computer. Through exploring computer applications, this work can expose the programmer to a wide range of company activities.
EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: A Bachelor's Degree in a business discipline is required. Conoco is looking for students with degrees in Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Finance, Statistics, General Business, and Industrial Management.

Recruits employed begin their career with formal field training. The training is designed to introduce new employees to the field operations necessary in the production of petroleum so that, with initiative and experience, they can qualify for advancement to staff, supervisory and administrative management positions within the Production Department and the Company.
ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: After completion of the first year with the Company, business graduates will be eligible for advancement to analyst. Thereafter, salary increases and promotions will be on a merit basis. Other promotional opportunities in North American and International Production include: Systems Analyst, Material Coordinator, Senior Analyst, Senior Systems Analyst, Senior Material Coordinator, Staff Analyst, Administrative Supervisor, Administrative Coordinator, Office Manager, Manager of Administrative Services, and Administrative Director.
WHERE TO APPLY: Numerous major and independent oil companies. Numerous oilfield service companies.


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