JOB DESCRIPTION: To assist the General Accounting Supervisor in ensuring adherence to methods and procedures which result in accurate and timely accounting information and reports in accordance with established criteria and generally accepted accounting principles. This position reports to and receives direction from the General Accounting Supervisor.
EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: College degree with major in accounting or business or equivalent accounting work experience. Baisc computer and spreadsheet skills a must.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of 1 to 2 years of accounting experience is required. A thorough knowledge of the accounting process is required and a working knowledge of related company, organization, operations, procedures, reporting systems, methods, and computer input/output applications is desirable. Managerial capacity for independent judgement and decision making is required, as is the capacity for oral and written communication.
ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Senior Accountant, Accounting Supervisor
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: WORKING CONDITIONSThe individual performs duties in an open office area during normal working hours requiring minimal physical effort. Occasional travel may be required. Job related hazards are negligible.
WHERE TO APPLY: Numerous major and independent oil companies. Numerous oilfield service companies.


Petroleum Industry


P.O. Box 50110
New Orleans, LA 70150