Chairman's Message 2014

I am truly honored to be your API Delta Section Chairman again in 2014. I am very excited about all we have planned this year as we continue the progress we made in 2013. I will repeat some of my January 2013 message since I still feel the same way today.

So why did I become involved in API? I am proud of our industry and what we have accomplished. Our use of technology constantly amazes me. We deal with extremes of temperatures (over 400F), pressures (15,000 psi) and environments that few other industries have to address. We take large financial risks to find new reserves ($100MM dry hole cost for a wildcat that has a 35% chance of success in deepwater), invest billions of dollars in platforms, pipelines, facilities, and refineries and are still able to provide a gallon of gas for less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks. In my experience, those I have met in our industry are keen to protect the environment and keep our work force safe. I have not met anyone in our industry that I felt would intentionally sacrifice these goals. II would like to enhance our industry's reputation in the community and I think our API organization does that by its work in the community.

The Delta Chapter takes great pride in providing numerous educational programs that promote our industry. In 2013, we awarded $20,000 to college students. In 2013, we re-established our teacher of the year award and awarded $7,400 to worthy teachers in our area. In 2014, we will be expanding that program to $10,000. We offer mini-grants to exceptional high school teachers. The Chapter also offers awards to high school students and their teachers participating in the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair held at UNO. We sponsored the FIRST LEGO competition and the FIRST Bayou Regional Robotics Competition.

At the Louisiana Children's Museum (LCM), we sponsor special programs such as "Super Science Saturday" and "FETCH Oil and Energy Saturday". Members of the Chapter donate their time and talents to assist in these activities, bringing excitement and fun to the learning process for both children and their parents. This year we hope to expand our relationship with LCM and with other area children's museums. We feel that if we don't show our industry's image in a positive light to children, media will present a very negative opinion of our industry that is difficult to change.

We will continue our Golf Tournament and Father/Son Sporting Clay Tournament as fund raisers this year and we hope you participate. We will also continue our regular meetings; Meritorious Service award presentations in March, Technical Luncheon in August, and our Joint Society Luncheon in November.

Our organization is financially sound and for the first time in a while, we enter the year with a complete officer slate and a fully staffed board. We are considering adding another fund raising event so we can increase our contributions to those we support. This year we are planning to streamline the membership renewal process and the sponsorship process. Please consider having your company sponsor the API Delta Section. If you would like to get involved personally, we have a number of committees that could use additional volunteers.

Looking forward to a spectacular 2014!

Rick Fowler